ElimiteElimite is an efficient treatment for parasite-induced conditions like scabies and head lice. It can also be used for pubic lice. Elimite is not for children younger than 2. You will be able to get this treatment without a prescription, but you need to be sure what you have requires this treatment. Scabies usually displays such symptoms as presence of mite burrows, scratching of the areas affected, rash, or itching, while head lice usually involve lice eggs on hair, the presence of lice on the scalp, itchy red bumps. The most typical spots for detecting scabies include sides of the feet, genitals and buttocks, wrists, backs of the knees and elbows, areas between the fingers, areas around the nipples. You will have to examine yourself and then possibly see a doctor if you have a reason to believe you may have this problem and require some treatment. Elimite is FDA pregnancy category B. It is not expected to do any harm to an unborn child. However there is a chance it may pass into breast milk and affect the health of your nursing infant. You will have to make sure you always use Elimite only after you have discussed this with your doctor. All your family members will have to be treated with Elimite at the same time, but you should not be using Elimite on children younger than 2. You will need to dry-clean anything that's not washable, while washing everything else in water of at least 50 centigrade hot. Whatever is impossible to wash or dry-clean can be sealed in a plastic bag and left for 4 weeks. The parasites can survive outside of the body 2 weeks, so this period should cover their hatching and 2 weeks of life.


For the treatment of scabies, you will need to make sure the area of application is clean and dry. Only a very thin layer of Elimite will need to be applied to the skin, to all your body parts from the neck down. The cream should be rubbed in to make sure it absorbs. The medicine should be left on for 8 to 14 hours and then washed off. If you are applying the treatment on a child, you have to apply the cream on the head, scalp, forehead and temples. You may need another application if the first one did not help and you seem to have the symptoms after 14 days. For the treatment of head lice, you will need to use the shampoo version of Elimite. You will have to cover your hair entirely and leave the shampoo on for 10 minutes, working it into lather and rinsing afterwards. If you are using the cream rinse, you can wash your hair with just shampoo and dry the hair a bit for it to be damp. Then apply the cream, saturating the hair and leave it on for 10 minutes, rinsing it then. If the first application of Elimite shampoo or cream did not help, you may need to use another one. When treating head lice, you may also use a nit comb to remove lice eggs, rinsing it frequently and throwing the eggs sealed in a plastic bag out to make sure a re-infestation does not occur. If you are applying Elimite for pubic lice, make sure you apply it to all the pubic and any hairs that surround the area, including those in the rectum, vagina or thighs. The medicine should be left for 10 minutes and then worked into lather. You then need to rinse it well. The same nit comb may need to be used for egg removal.

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